#OWS UPDATES: as of 11am 21-Sep

Here are the updates this morning!

Regarding yesterday’s incident:

Elsewhere on the feeds:

  • Things seemed calmer last night, as many feeds reported that the police presence was waning back to normal levels. One police intervention to dismantle a video projector screen was reported last night, but no violence occurred. One arrest was reported this morning at about 10am, but no more information is available.

  • A successful General Assembly was held last night at 7pm. Feeds reported that about 500 people were in attendance.

  • Reports have indicated that both morale and numbers are up at the camp since yesterday’s troubles. The police action failed to intimidate the occupiers.

  • Several reports of carpools have come in, and a Facebook page has been established for finding rides to the occupation. Vans from as far away as Seattle and San Francisco are making their way across the country to boost the numbers at Liberty Plaza, and people are encouraged to come to the square if they can.

  • As reported yesterday, the occupiers have received a flurry of legal aid and assistance, retaining the services of Wylie Stecklow and receiving support from the National Lawyers Guild, NYCLU and ACLU.

As always, anyone able to travel to NYC to participate in the action is encouraged to do so!

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