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Recently a bill was introduced in the senate that would require the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share of taxes, the bill would also eliminate tax loopholes for big businesses. It’s no surprise that our senators (many of them in the top 1 percent) didn’t pass this bill. Here is a list of senators that voted against the bill and how you can contact them. Please write at least a few of these senators everyday, and hopefully we can get this bill re-introduced and passed. Remember that you have to be the change you wish to see so you can’t sit there and expect other people to write these senators it has to be YOU that does it. Here is the letter that I sent to every senator:

Hello, I am emailing you because recently a bill was introduced that would require some of the wealthiest American citizens to pay their fair share of taxes. Those funds could be used to pay down some of the federal debt, and could be used for education, or helping our homeless veterans, or any number of good causes which is why I believe you should re-consider your vote on this bill. I can not understand why anyone would oppose making some of the most fortunate Americans help some of the most unfortunate Americans, or at the very least make these Americans pay a little more than the average citizen.

Here is a list of the contact information for all senators who voted against this bill:

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