More images from today.

A flying live streamer, sprinting rain soaked activist clowns, Taking cover underneath a momentary tent in front of the Bank Of America (2 seconds later we were attacked by the cops,) a fallen clown is arrested with a mandolin player, my camera shuts down right about there….

Will put up the rest on my flickr later tonight.


Terrific piece from Al Jazeera feat @davidgraeber my fav speaker from #occupywallstreet movement. 

Read this for a laugh (or a cringe?). These people really have their heads in their asses:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the spectacle of idiocy, self-centeredness, greed and anti-Americanism seen in Madison, Wisconsin last winter, now comes a “Day of Rage” planned for our nation’s Constitution Day on September 17…

Yes, on the day most Americans (the patriotic ones) celebrate the document which founded the most free and effective government in history, that guarantees the liberties of the most free people in history, some spoiled children among us will rage against all that freedom and prosperity.

What it comes down to for these Marxists is this: if they don’t have everything that the wealthiest among us has, and handed to them on a platter without having to work for it, they will rage against the freedom of their fellow Americans to have more property than them.  These spoiled children are the epitome of self-centeredness and greed, being too lazy to go out and create their own fortune, but too narcissistic to tolerate the fact that another person has more or has earned more.