From the always-eloquent Erick Erickson of RedState:

Occupy Wall Street

Should I be fearful of Occupy Wall Street? Maybe, maybe not.

Still, the anti-Semitic and socialist fever of the Occupy Wall Street movement fills me with sense of dread. I hate to invoke Godwin’s Law already, but isn’t this how Nazi Germany started?

Think about it. First you have an economic crisis (Great Depression/Great Recession), then you find and demonize a scapegoat (Jews/Rich People), and finally then you bring down the current system with violent means (Reichstagsbrand/Occupy Wall Street?*). The American Nazi Party declared its full support for Occupy Wall Street. They must see something we don’t. So while we could easily dismissed Occupy Wall Street as a movement, we really shouldn’t. Nor should we be sympathetic with them at any level.

I hope I am wrong. I hope Occupy Wall Street fizzles out this winter. Still, I personally regret that I cannot afford a gun right now. They are not that far away from me and thus I am not beyond being effected. I do not wish to go out and kill anyone, but only to protect myself and those around me.

I’m actually surprised it took this long to get to the thinly-veiled threats of violence.