Today was the Occupy Wall Street West day of action against the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision that gave corporations the same free speech rights as people. (Jan 21 is the decision’s 2-year anniversary.) Rainforest Action Network and The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment joined with Occupy Wall St. West to conduct a “man” hunt for Mr. Bank O. America, a corporate “person” who is considered an extreme menace to society.

Via Understory:

Wanted: Mr. Bank O. America, Menace To Society

This morning, we conducted a manhunt in San Francisco. Or, I should say, a “man” hunt.

If corporations are people, then this Mr. Bank O. America fellow is a clear and present danger to society, and he must be brought to justice. So we teamed up with The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, rounded up a posse, and searched the streets of San Francisco for this fugitive from justice.

We went to several of his known hangouts (otherwise known as Bank of America branches) with a citizen’s arrest warrant in hand. But the perp had flown the coop before we got to each location.

Just to make sure Mr. Bank O. America’s crime spree is brought to an end as soon as possible, we pasted the arrest warrant all over town. If he exists — which I’m beginning to doubt — we’ll catch him.

Just what are Mr. Bank O. America’s crimes? It’s a long list. He’s a tax cheat who made off with BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars, even while he was putting thousands of Americans out of work by helping crash our economy. He’s a notorious bankroller of the dirtiest energy source — coal — and is thus responsible for poisoning countless communities across the States. And he has outright stolen more of America’s homes than any other bank-person-thing (sorry, the metaphor kinda broke down there — see how ridiculous the idea of corporate personhood is?).