Mayor Bloomberg is trying to shut down Occupy Wall Street - Call For Action!! (submission from ftm-communist)

Last night Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD notified Occupy Wall Street participants about plans to “clean the park”—the site of the Wall Street protests—tomorrow starting at 7am. “Cleaning” was used as a pretext to shut down “Bloombergville” a few months back, and to shut down peaceful occupations elsewhere.

Bloomberg says that the park will be open for public usage following the cleaning, but with a notable caveat: Occupy Wall Street participants must follow the “rules”.

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has said that they will move in to clear us and we will not be allowed to take sleeping bags, tarps, personal items or gear back into the park.

This is it—this is their attempt to shut down #OWS for good.


1) Call 311 (or +1 (212) NEW-YORK if you’re out of town) or text 2311692 and tell Bloomberg to support our right to assemble and to not interfere with #OWS.

2) Come to #OWS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT to defend the occupation from eviction.

For those of you who plan to help us hold our ground—which we hope will be all of you—make sure you understand the possible consequences. Be prepared to not get much sleep. Be prepared for possible arrest. Make sure your items are together and ready to go (or already out of the park.) We are pursuing all possible strategies; this is a message of solidarity.

Click here to learn nonviolent tactics for holding ground.

Photos from Oct 7th (submission from Noah Berestizhevsky)

The “99%” is not one social body, but many. Some occupiers have presented a narrative in which the “99%” is characterized as a homogenous mass. The faces intended to represent “ordinary people” often look suspiciously like the predominantly white, law-abiding middle-class citizens we’re used to seeing on television programs, even though such people make up a minority of the general population.

It’s a mistake to whitewash over our diversity. Not everyone is waking up to the injustices of capitalism for the first time now; some populations have been targeted by the power structure for years or generations. Middle-class workers who are just now losing their social standing can learn a lot from those who have been on the receiving end of injustice for much longer.

The problem isn’t just a few “bad apples.” The crisis is not the result of the selfishness of a few investment bankers; it is the inevitable consequence of an economic system that rewards cutthroat competition at every level of society. Capitalism is not a static way of life but a dynamic process that consumes everything, transforming the world into profit and wreckage. Now that everything has been fed into the fire, the system is collapsing, leaving even its former beneficiaries out in the cold. The answer is not to revert to some earlier stage of capitalism—to go back to the gold standard, for example; not only is that impossible, those earlier stages didn’t benefit the “99%” either. To get out of this mess, we’ll have to rediscover other ways of relating to each other and the world around us.

Posted Oct. 8, 2011, 1:30 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

#ows is growing. We will be in a thousand cities in this country by the end of the month - hundreds of cities in other countries. We will see General Assemblies on six continents.

Liberty Square has grown exponentially over the last three weeks. It is time to form a second General Assembly in Manhattan. We expect more to follow.

On October eighth at three in the afternoon a General Assembly will convene in Washington Square Park. At the same time Anti-Flag will play an acoustic set in Liberty Square in solidarity with our movement’s expansion.

We are growing. Block by block – city by city. We will see change in this country, in this world. It will happen sooner than you can imagine.

Watch out for a fake twitter account titled @occupywailst, spelled with an I and not an L currently trying to discredit our movement.

UPDATE 10:09 - At least twenty arrested.

UPDATE 10:33 - Liberty Square is kettled.

UPDATE 10:40 - Liberty Square is still barricaded on all four sides but police are now allowing protesters in and out.

Please call:

1st Precinct: +1 (212) 334-0611
NYPD Switchboard: +1 (646) 610-5000
NYPD Central Booking: +1 (212) 374-3921
NYPD Internal Affairs: +1 (212) 741-8401
Mayor Bloomberg: +1 (212) NEW-YORK or +1 (212) 374-3921

WARNING! The Official site http://occupywallst.org does not have an “official demand list” on the front page. This is a BOGUS “List of Demands From Occupywallstreet” Posting that was Reblogged by a Tumblr #politics Editor.
Needs of the occupiers

(Copy-pasta’d from uneditedcamera at the nycga website, but I can’t link directly to the post)

As the Occupation moves into autumn we need to prepare for the onset of of chilly weather.

Most Needed:

Sleeping bags, blankets, tarps and large, clear plastic storage bins to keep it all dry.

Polar fleece sweaters, pants, socks and gloves are also appreciated as, they are durable, easy to clean, keep even the soggiest occupiers warm, and everybody has some buried in a box somewhere.

We are not allowed to set up tents in Liberty Plaza as they are considered both a structure and an obstruction. We have implemented the use of a few bivouac/bivy sacks and are under the impression that they are not considered a “structure,” so long as they do not have a pole holding them up. There are cheap disposable Emergency Bivys ranging from $5-15 and more durable ones starting at about $50

General needs amongst the various working groups are: pens, walkie-talkies, earbuds, rain ponchos, tarps, BIG umbrellas, BIG plastic totes, plastic drawer bins, LED headlamps, box cutters, scissors, notepads, Chap-Sticks, disposable safety razors, male and female undies, GFI extension cords, towels, blankets, socks, soap, toothbrushes, folding tables, a Honda 2000i generator, 6.5 gallon pots for cooking large quantities of food, operable bicycles, bike trailers, server space, digital camcorders, used laptops, folding tables and chairs, rags, deck brush, 50 gallon trash bags.

The Street Medic teams specific needs list:

Melatonin, red duct tape to identify street medics, cue-tips, couch drops, disinfectant wipes, sport-top water bottles, sterile water/contact solution/ normal saline wash to wash out cuts and clean contacts, contact lens cases, super glue for boo-boos, CPR pocket resuscitators/CPR mouth barriers, sterile scissors, anti-bacterial liquid soap, Raid/DEET as bedbugs contingency, AA flash lights & batteries, anti-fungal foot cream, vitamin E cream, Goldbond/baby powder, Petroleum Jelly, various sized Petroleum Gauze, unscented lotion, vitamins, Emergen-C/Airborne, day-time cold medicine, large and small 3M Tegaderm breathable bandages, 3M Steri-Strips, Diphenhydramine, 4×4 Kerlix gauze, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Aquacel Ag Dressings, splints, OTC Primatine mist inhaler, Benadryl, liquid Maalox, tee tree oil, non-latex gloves, cotton balls, baby wipes,

If it is not on this list they ask you to please not send it, as we already have a large stockpile; other occupations may have those needs, and we are sending our overstocks of these items to them.

We also are looking for volunteer legal council, doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health professionals, an accountant, IT experts, artists, people willing to do loads of laundry and folks to print off fliers for us.

Dedicated, capable volunteers for the food committee.

Tax-deductible monetary donations can be made at http://nycga.cc/donate/

You can also send supplies to UPS Store 118A
Fulton st #205
New York, NY, 10038