Mayors of Toronto and Québec City seek to shut down Occupy protests

From the CBC in Toronto:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is expected to meet with city officials this week to look for a peaceful way to end the Occupy Toronto protest at St. James Park.

Hundreds of tents - including three $20,000 yurts paid for by a local union - dot the park at the corner of Church Street and King Street East.

Occupy Toronto, now in its 19th day, has morphed into a makeshift community complete with a library, food supplies and about two dozen portable toilets…

In response to his concerns, [a local business owner] received an email this week from Ford saying, “When it is determined that we no longer have a peaceful protest, but rather an occupation of the park, we will consider options to remove the individuals who are camping in the park.”

And from Radio-Canada in Québec City:

The mayor of Québec City is asking some 50 protesters with the “Occupy Québec City” movement to voluntarily leave the Place de l’Université-du-Québec in the Saint-Roch district where they have been for twelve days.

Mayor Régis Labeaume announced his decision Thursday morning. He warned the protesters that they should leave the Place in the coming hours; failing this, the police will take action to dismantle the camp.

[The City administration] has cited security reasons to justify this decision. Wednesday, after leaving an emergency meeting at Québec City Hall, the mayor had said that he was very concerned about the situation.