Something is wrong.  We all know it.  We all see it.  We are subjected day after day, month after month to displays of absurdities and betrayals. We are subjected to a set of rules and regulations of governments and corporations which we had no say in the creation of.  We are subjected to the whims of those who hold power, those who live in a world different from ours.  A world where the worst sort of crimes are punished with inconveniences.  A day in court.  A bad news story.  A fine so small their bank account is hardly affected.  And we take this.  I take this.  Sure, I complain, you complain, but what good is our freedom of speech if it is not accompanied by action?  Sticks and stones may break their bones but mere words will certainly never hurt them.

We’ve tried begging, we’ve tried asking, we’ve tried hoping, all in vain.  The problems continue, ignored by those in power who focus on stupid little things by which they divide us.  But now we must say “No More!”  No more will we let the rich and the powerful control our lives.  No more will we let them dictate to us the ways that we interact with each other.  No more will we let them control the flow of information.  No more will we let them control the country.

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