Occupy Seattle: Octogenarian activist Dorli Rainey on being pepper-sprayed by Seattle police, importance of activism

Eighty-four-year-old activist Dorli Rainey tells Keith about her experience getting pepper-sprayed by the police during an Occupy Seattle demonstration and the need to take action and spread the word of the Occupy movement. She cites the advice of the late Catholic nun and activist Jackie Hudson to “take one more step out of your comfort zone” as an inspiration, saying, “It would be so easy to say, ‘Well I’m going to retire, I’m going to sit around, watch television or eat bonbons,’ but somebody’s got to keep ’em awake and let ’em know what is really going on in this world.”

"We The People Have Found Our Voice" - by Iva Radivojevic and Martyna Starosta


“Right Here All Over” - #OCCUPYWALLSTREET Montage by Alex Mallis

Easily the best clip I’ve seen so far. <3


Dr. Cornel West - We the People Have Found Our Voice (speaking at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET General Assembly, 27 Sep 2011)