From the General Assembly site:

The Bedding Working Group has requested help with the following items:

- Solutions: We need ideas and input about how to solve the bedding situation. We have continue to have people who are cold overnight. It is necessary to come up with strategies of how to make sure our sleepers are warm and comfortable.

- Funding: We are requesting donations at this time help us acquire our sheltering needs.

- Donations of blankets and pillows are always neeeded.

- Rain gear, especially ponchos and tents that can be used to shelter from wet weather are urgently requested, as forecast has rain in next days.

- Space Blankets, mylar heat insulating blankets, such as seen here http://www.rei.com/gear/feature/search/Google/space%20blanket?s_kwcid=TC|13029|space%20blanket||S|e|7282087925&cm_mmc=ps_google_CH-_-Category%20-%20HFS-_-HFS_Brand_Space-_-Space%20Blanket&gclid=COHXjaOpqasCFUt_5QodnlIb4A are very helpful.

For any questions, please find Lizzy at Liberty Plaza.

The Fun Stuff Working Group has needs for the following:

Bubbles, chalk, face paint, glitter, noisemakers, shakers.

Please find Becky Wartell at Liberty Plaza or email: rrwartell@yahoo.com for questions.