Photos from the ongoing police-protester standoff in Oakland right now. All of the photos were taken by Intifada Tent, a Twitter user currently live-tweeting from Oakland. The tear gas canister pictured above is, according to @IntifadaTent, the same brand used by the Israeli military.


The Occupy Oakland protesters’ call for a general strike Wednesday largely fizzled as organizers failed to rally significant support from unions, but protesters brought operations at the Port of Oakland to a halt.

Maritime operations at the port, one of the biggest container ports in the U.S., were “effectively shut down” on Wednesday by demonstrators, said port officials. They added they would resume work “when it is safe and secure to do so.”

Call for General Strike in Oakland Fizzles

(Emphasis added above.)

So the general strike “largely fizzled” — except for the part where it shut down one of America’s biggest container ports indefinitely.

Your “liberal” media, ladies and gentlemen.

Look at what one media outlet calls a “largely fizzled” protest (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Yeah, it “fizzled” alright.

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