This immoral possession of society’s collective production of value is the root of why the 99% are in the streets protesting.  In order to put pressure on the ruling class we will need to be able to directly challenge their monopoly on the value creating and distribution process.

Where is this done?  Simply, it’s done in the workplaces.  Value is created when those of us in the working class come together and perform work.  This process starts with the extraction of raw materials by workers, moves to a production or processing facility where workers create a commodity, then workers transport these commodities to the market and finally, workers stock the shelves and sell the final product.

During this entire process, from extraction to the store, value is created by the working class and distributed by the ruling class.  A very small part of this value is distributed in wages and benefits to the workers who performed the labor for this entire value creating process.  A larger, but not the largest part of this value, is distributed into the buying of more machinery, replacement parts, and other operating costs.  But the largest part of this value is distributed into the bank accounts of the rich.  This value creating process has been going on for generations and the rich keep accumulating more and more value while those of us who actually work for a living only receive a small amount of that value.


Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution” — #OCCUPYWALLSTREET