OWS gaining popular support among Americans - Poll Roundup

CNN/ORC International poll out today:

  • 36% say they agree with the overall positions of the Occupy movement, 19% disagree
  • Approval rating up from 27% in early October, an increase of 9%
  • 44% are still unsure if they agree with the overall positions, down from 55% the month before.

NY1-Marist Poll out Tuesday:

  • 44 percent of NY voters support the Occupy Wall Street movement while only 21 percent support the tea party. But about half of the 1,030 adults surveyed Oct. 25 through 27 think the tea party movement will have greater influence in the 2012 presidential election.

A separate Quinnipiac poll of registered voters gives the numbers as 30% favourable, 39% unfavourable and 30% undecided; showing that we have a long way to go, but the numbers are still higher than the Tea Party. The poll seems to include more than a representative sample of Southern voters, which also might skew things in a certain way.