UPDATE on Radiohead concert rumour

This morning, we were alerted to the possibility of Radiohead playing an impromptu show at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET at about 4pm this afternoon.

The New York Times’ City Room Blog reports that the band’s spokesperson has said that the band is “definitely not” going to perform at Liberty Plaza, contrary to initial reports. This is contrary to the “confirmed” information we received earlier from Gothamist and the OccupyWallSt.org website, and we are not quite sure where that information came from.

BUT! Gawker is reporting the following:

However, an Occupy Wall Street spokesman we spoke to insists the show will go on and that organizers have email confirmation from members of the band that Radiohead will be playing an acoustic set at 4pm. “What we think is happening is they don’t want a lot of people to come,” he said. “Trust me, we have confirmation.” CNN’s Jeremy Ryan is now reporting that the show is a go as well; what might happen if Radiohead doesn’t show up could be more interesting than if they did.

It is still unclear exactly what will (or will not) happen, but we apologize for any confusion caused by the announcement on this blog earlier today. We thank you for your patience and understanding — obviously getting dependable information is difficult, given the nature of this event.

UPDATE: One of the occupation’s official Twitter feeds states that Radiohead will not be playing at the demonstration and that event organizers were ‘hoaxed.’