It’s going to take large popular movements to change this. And that can happen. It’s happened in the past. That’s why freedom and justice have expanded over the centuries. It’s never been gifts; it wasn’t gifts from the rich and powerful. These are things that were won, by the labour movement, by the women’s movement, by the civil rights movement, and by other rights movements. They’re won by popular struggle, then you move forward. But they’re never given as gifts, and they won’t be in the future.

Noam Chomsky

A great quote to keep in mind as we prepare to #OCCUPYWALLSTREET and work for change in a few weeks’ time.

This is why we protest.

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“The Facts” (2 of 2)
Made by me. Spread the word!

“The Facts” (2 of 2)

Made by me. Spread the word!

"The Facts" (1 of 2)
Made by me. Spread the word!

"The Facts" (1 of 2)

Made by me. Spread the word!


Hey guys, we’re famous! :P

RT devotes part of a program to talking about #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, its foundations, and a look at the movement’s “goals.” Sort of a dry interview but any publicity is better than no publicity, I suppose.

(Starts at 3 minutes)

New York Prepares It’s Own “15-May”

(translated from original Spanish)

Save the date: on 17 September, less than a week after the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of September 11, New Yorkers have been called to protest against Wall Street and the system that caused the downfall of the world economy in 2008.

Under the name of #occupywallstreet , the magazine Adbusters began to promote the event on 13 July, citing the tactics learned from the Arab revolution and the camps that occupied Spanish plazas starting May 15.

According to “Adbusters,” the spirit of this new model of revolution that it wants to implement can be summarized in the quote of Raimundo Viejo, a professor at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona: “The antiglobalization movement was the first step on the road. Back then our model was to attack the system like a pack of wolves. There was an alpha male, a wolf who led the pack, and those who followed behind. Now the model has evolved. Today we are one big swarm of people.

“Adbusters,” a magazine based in the Canadian city of Vancouver, has gained notoriety in recent years in promoting anti-consumerism and its satirical ads. On this occasion they have broken the veil of parody to call for enforcing a single, but ambitious requirement: that US President Barack Obama ordain a presidential commission to handle the task of ending the influence of money on political representatives in Washington. “It’s time for democracy and the corporatocracy. We are doomed without it,” they say.

In order to establish “a new agenda for America,” they propose other initiatives such as the dismantling of half of the U.S. military bases spread throughout the world, the reestablishment of the Glass-Steagall Act and the fight against Wall Street, dubbed “the financial Gomorrah of America,” and the movement of the Tea Party.

Keep the revolution alive

“Adbusters” has managed to take the best from each of the revolutions that have occurred so far. From the Egyptian Revolution of Tahrir Square they have taken the idea of making one simple demand. From Spanish camps, they seek to copy the model of action: they want to take Wall Street and gather in assemblies in which to discuss the state of political and economic system. “Adbusters” expects 20,000 people to flood the areas around Wall Street and install tents, stoves and barricades there peacefully.

The promotion model on social networks that proved so effective in its predecessors will serve as an assistant in this path to success. “Adbusters” launched its campaign as a Twitter hashtag to more easily follow the spread through social networks. Although their Twitter page has fewer than 100 fans and the event page on Facebook has been fewer than 1,000 confirmations of attendees, the show of support has not stopped growing. #OCCUPYWALLSTREET begins to be cited by several users on Twitter, including Spaniards showing their support and those associated with the Real Democracy Now (Democracia Real Ya, or DRY) movement. One example is cyberalex75 and his message “#15m is with #occupywallstreet. Let’s change the world. Corrupt ones, go home. “