NYPD corrals - and subsequently maces - a group of female protestors at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET action this afternoon.

#OWS UPDATES: as of 3:30pm 20-Sep

Here’s what we know so far about this morning’s violence at Liberty Plaza:

  • At least 6 occupiers were arrested by NYPD early this morning when police moved on the camp to disassemble some tarps and tents. The tarps were established over the course of yesterday evening to protect against incoming rain. Reports indicate that one person was arrested and ticketed for “illegal use of sound device without a permit,” and has been released at this time. The rest remain in custody without charge.

  • Several Twitter feeds have stated (unconfirmed at this time) that one individual is in critical condition after the incident. The police were filmed using substantial force in arresting the occupiers, with one occupier reported to have lost teeth after being slammed to the sidewalk by a NYPD officer. It is unclear at this time if that was the same individual that is now in critical condition. 

  • UPDATE via the Media Committee: “One of the protesters received a large gash on their leg, another lost a tooth. Multiple police tackled a protester and sat on him as he continually warned them that he was experiencing an asthma attack. One of the medics on site informed the police that they needed to call an ambulance because this was a potentially fatal circumstance. They ignored him. We have no current information on this protester, but we hope that he hasn’t been murdered by the police. We are determined to remain a peaceful protest, in spite of the brutality we have witnessed.”

  • After this morning’s call for legal aid, several people have come forward and offered their assistance for monitoring police activity. One lawyer has come forward and stated that he believes establishing tents is protected by the law and would be willing to represent the protestors pro bono. The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has also pledged its support for the cause.

  • On the supplies front: energy continues to be a need for the occupiers. Many have reported that they have enough food for now, but they still need generators/energy devices, Dell 1525 laptop batteries, and supplies (like tarps) to help protect them from the elements.

  • Unrelated to this morning’s police violence, Yahoo! admitted unintentional censorship of emails mentioning #OCCUPYWALLSTREET: ThinkProgress reports that users of internet giant Yahoo’s email service received strange warning messages when sending emails concerning the occupation, claiming their accounts were suspected of “suspicious activity” and refusing to send the messages in question. After many reports and videos surfaced documenting the issue, @YahooCare tweeted: “We apologize 4 blocking ‘occupywallst.org’ It was not intentional & caught by our spam filters. It is resolved, but may be a residual delay.”

You can continue to watch this blog for updates for the duration of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET. Anything ‘confirmed’ will be stated as such, but as it is an evolving situation some details will change. I will try to put a ‘digest’ of the news (received mainly via Twitter) up at least once a day, sometimes more often if developments warrant it.


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