MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” — A great discussion about #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, covering everything from media bias to how the General Assembly works.


Bill Maher and Van Jones discuss #OCCUPYWALLSTREET on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” (30 Sept 2011)

#OWS Daily Roundup: September 23

» There is a big march scheduled for tomorrow at noon! This will mark the first week of occupation, and the beginning of week 2. Stay tuned to Twitter and the Livestream for the latest info. «

Now, on to today’s news:

  • Yesterday morning, the Labor Group organized an interruption of a Sotheby’s art auction on the Upper East Side. The action was taken in solidarity with union art handlers who are subject to a de-unionization campaign by Sotheby’s during contract re-negotiations. The video and backstory is available here. Needless to say, the participants at the auction didn’t appreciate the interruption, but the occupiers message was received LOUD and CLEAR!
  • A list of current needs was uploaded. If you can spare anything at all, bring them to Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park), Manhattan NY 10006 -or- ship them to UPS Store 118A, Fulton St #205, New York NY 10038
  • A benefit concert was planned for October 6th. This event will “broaden outreach and awareness of the movement through arts and entertainment, and provide a convergence space for artists, activists, peacemakers, healers and the spiritual community.” The Concert Committee requests that any artists/entertainers who would like to help contact them directly (info in the linked article above).
  • The Food Fund for the occupation, which has raised nearly $17,000 to date, is being converted into a General Fund. Contributions are being solicited here. Furthermore, Occupy Wall Street has acquired a “fiscal sponsorship” through the Alliance for Global Justice. This will allow funds to be accessed more easily for upcoming events and for supplies.

From the General Assembly:

And BIG news from around the country: cities across the US and Canada continue to organize solidarity marches and even more occupations! Many have been planned for October 6th. If you cannot participate in #OCCUPYWALLSTREET in New York, you are all encouraged to visit this website to see where your local event will be. Currently, occupations in Chicago and San Francisco have already begun!

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#OWS Daily Roundup: September 22

Quite a busy night at Wall Street! Several marches occurred this evening, and more will be taking place later tonight, according to certain Twitter feeds.

  • Perhaps the most active point occurred when a large group of Troy Davis marchers joined up with occupiers at Liberty Plaza, and the two groups made an impromptu march on Wall Street.
  • Attendance for tonight’s marches and assemblies was in the 1,000 to 2,000 range.
  • Six people were arrested by NYPD after the above action, prompting another march toward the first precinct jail to demand information on those being held. Police presence was heavy throughout the evening along the march routes, as well as at Liberty Plaza. The Media Centre is requesting that people call the NYPD and request the occupiers be released.

Other news from the camp:

  • More groups of occupiers arrived in Liberty Plaza this morning, and the feeds were flooded with reports of people making their way towards New York to participate in the occupation.
  • Comedian Lee Camp came to Liberty Plaza and performed to entertain the occupiers.
  • At this evening’s General Assembly, members of the PSC city university professors union arrived to show solidarity with the occupiers, and the President of the union made a speech to the assembly.
  • A communiqué was released this afternoon by the General Assembly.

And elsewhere: news of solidarity demonstrations in cities across North America being planned, and separate occupations being organized in Chicago, Arizona, Ohio, Florida and California.

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