UPDATE 10:09 - At least twenty arrested.

UPDATE 10:33 - Liberty Square is kettled.

UPDATE 10:40 - Liberty Square is still barricaded on all four sides but police are now allowing protesters in and out.

Please call:

1st Precinct: +1 (212) 334-0611
NYPD Switchboard: +1 (646) 610-5000
NYPD Central Booking: +1 (212) 374-3921
NYPD Internal Affairs: +1 (212) 741-8401
Mayor Bloomberg: +1 (212) NEW-YORK or +1 (212) 374-3921

Urgent message from anonymous

Citizens of the world

We are Anonymous! Recently something very disturbing has come to our attention. You must take all notices and information claiming to be ‘Anonymous’ with a grain of salt. Consider EVERYTHING.

Operation Invade Wall Street is bullshit! It is a fake planted operation by law enforcement and cyber crime agencies in order to get you to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement. It proposes you use depreciated tools that have known flaws such as LOIC.

Anonymous would never tell you to use LOIC - Not after the arrests and failures of Operation Payback.

Anonymous wouldn’t attack NYSE on a HOLIDAY - It is debatable if Anonymous would ever even attack NYSE.

Be wary friends!

We should be aware that such things are going to continue to happen, and spread awareness of methods the establishment uses to undermine movements like this. Always seek verification before following up any supposed plans with action.


United: Over 700 hundred Continental and United pilots, joined by additional pilots from other Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) carriers, demonstrate in front of Wall Street on Tuesday

United: Over 700 hundred Continental and United pilots, joined by additional pilots from other Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) carriers, demonstrate in front of Wall Street on Tuesday

Posted 2011-09-26 08:03:45 UTC by OccupyWallSt

This is the ninth communiqué from the 99 percent. We are occupying Wall Street. The police barricades that have been surrounding the Stock Exchange help.

Sunday has been decreed, once again, a day of rest. We didn’t march. We have made a new world, a new city within the city. We are working on a new sky for where the towers are now.

Throughout the day our sisters and brothers arrested yesterday came back home to Liberty Plaza. They greeted the new faces that have joined us here. They shared their stories of imprisonment, of medical care denied and delayed. We welcomed them and listened.

We had visitors

Click through for video

Immortal Technique

Reverend Billy

Yesterday was a day of action, and today was one of healing, discussion, and preparation. Working groups met in small circles around the plaza, planning their work and preparing to report back to the General Assembly as a whole. The Assembly debated, as always, the hows and whys of being here. In the morning, we talked about the occupations rising up in cities around the United States, joining us in what we’re doing, as people begin rediscovering the power in themselves against the powers looming over them in buildings. We talked of calling more people to do what we’re doing. In the evening we talked about staying, or leaving, and what this space means for us. We love it, we’re almost addicted to it, but what we are is more than this.

We strolled around the plaza. We wrote songs with new friends. We argued about politics with each other, but not a politics of puppets: a politics for us. We fed the hungry and gave sleeping bags to the cold. We roughhoused. We talked to the world on our livestream. Most of all, we kept on organizing ourselves. Our library grew.

Drums blared for hours into the night when the Assembly wasn’t in session, until the time came for quiet. The drummers ended by reciting from the Principles of Solidarity we approved in Friday’s General Assembly, in the rain. Before the police lined along the Broadway side of the plaza, they cried together, “We are daring to imagine a new socio-political and economic alternative that offers greater possibility of equality.” And more.

“Safety in numbers!” a sign by them says. “Join us.”

This is the eighth communiqué from the 99 percent. We are occupying Wall Street.

On September 24th, 2011, the lie revealed itself. We live in a world where only 1 percent of us are protected and served. 

Click through to see videos and pictures

We demand that Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly resigns.

We demand that this man is charged for maliciously spraying protesters and blue-collar police.

We demand jail time - for this man and others like him.
We demand that no blue-collar police is charged for the crimes of their supervisor.

We demand that Mayor Bloomberg address our General Assembly and apologize for what has occurred.

A message to blue-collar police:
Do not do what you are told. We are peaceful and you know this. We offer you coffee in the morning and water in the day. You always refuse and we know that’s because they told you to.
Speak of the crimes of your supervisors. We will help you. We are expressing the same frustration that you feel. You are the 99 percent. Join us. Join our conversation.

A few petitions:

Petition for the Obama Administration to recognize #occupywallstreet.

Petition to end corporate personhood.

Petition to recognize contributions by corporations as bribery.

Petition to recognize the decisions of the People’s General Assembly as Democratic Law.

Some of these petitions are obviously more realistic than others. For the first three you have to make a WH.gov account but it does come in handy occasionally.

To send supplies:

UPS Store 118A
Fulton st #205
New York, NY, 10038

Non perishable goods, no checks (money orders okay) , any size package okay.


Click this link to see the livestream of the occupation


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Thanks to Brett for making this!

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Hello Citizens of the world.
AS you may or may not know, many of us are trying to fight corruption by protesting on Wall St. WE are tired of the corrupt bankers destroying the world with their unjust policies, we are tired of the Federal Reserves unconstitutional ways, and we are tired of remaining silent.WE are all fighting for different reasons, but we are all fighting as one. We all thank you for your continuing support, and we ask those who can not make it down to Wall St. 

to help us with Op: BankerBlackFax.

The Plan:
Starting when the Stock Market opens at 9:30am ET until it closes at 4pm ET
we ask you to send the following images, to the numbers listed below, using the Fax services also listed below.
Continue doing this as long as Operation Occupy Wall Street goes on.

The Goal:

Disrupt the service of the following banks, untill our voices are heard.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
We told you to expect us, Wall St.




NYSE, New York
Wall Street
Fax:(212) 510 3566
Fax:(212) 656 2126

Federal Reserve
Fax: (212) 720-8707
Fax: (212) 720-5686
Fax: (212) 720-8189
Fax: (212) 720-6331

The Goldman Sachs Group
Fax:(212) 902 9316

NASDAQ; Washington DC
Fax: (202) 912 3199

Free Fax Services:

List of Proxies: